Julia Documentation Help

What it is

You are looking at the hyperised Julia Software Documentation, generated automatically from original documents with tools developed in the framework of the LIGHT project. Julia is the reconstruction program of the ALEPH experiment at CERN.

Julia documentation consists of source code, manuals, data structures, database and libraries. Not only all these documents are available on WWW, but they are also interconnected with hypertext links in a way that facilitates navigation and understanding.

How to Navigate

From the Julia Home Page, you can navigate the 5 document sets that are needed to understand and maintain the Julia Program:

You may also use the Navigation Map, a clickable image that let you access the Julia Documentation in a graphical way.

More Help

Julia Documentation Help Contents
Julia Program
ALEPH Data Structures
ALEPH Database
CERN program LIBrary (CERNLIB)
Aleph/LIGHT Home Page
Aleph/LIGHT, 5th March 96, Comments and Suggestions ?
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