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The           Detector
End-on view of the barrel-part before cabling (with the three first spokesmen and the technical coordinator standing in front). 

From inside to outside: 
TPC sectors, electromagnetic calorimeter, coil, hadron calorimeter. 


The Silicon Vertex Detector
The inner tracking driftchamber (ITC) in an overall view
 The Time-Projection Chamber (TPC) 
From the inside. One sector is removed. 
The cabling of the TPC.
 A module of the Electromagnetic Calorimeter (ECAL) during assembly.
The superconducting coil during its road transport to CERN.
The endcap (ECAL, HCAL) face-on. 
The iron barrel of the Hadron Calorimeter (HCAL).
The barrel of HCAL
Beam-pipe entering the detector.
The Silicon-Tungsten luminosity calorimeter .