JULIA User's Guide <BR>and <BR>ALEPH Programmers hints

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JULIA User's Guide
ALEPH Programmers hints

J. Knobloch, E. Lançon

Thu Sep 29 15:07:25 MET 1994


An introduction to the usage of the ALEPH reconstruction program JULIA (Job to Understand Lep Interactions in Aleph) is given. The data cards for running JULIA are described.

Rules and hints for programming JULIA in particular and ALEPH off-line in general are given.

An up-to-date version of this document is available via WWW in HTML format gif and in a Postscript file as well.

This note replaces the previous version [1] of the JULIA user's guide (ALEPH note 90-115/SOFTWR 90-011).

Eric Lancon
Thu Sep 29 15:07:07 MET 1994