ALEPH events at 161 GeV

The printable postscript versions of these pictures are available in the DALI picture database.

Our first W+W- candidate:

13:30 July 11, 1996
W+W- candidate:
the dijet invariant masses are 82.0 and 75.8 GeV,
the total energy in the event is 158.5 GeV.

Other W+W- candidates:

16:18 July 13, 1996
Semileptonic decay of a W+W- pair:
the W masses are 76.8 and 76.6 GeV.

17:49 July 16, 1996
Double leptonic decay of a W+W- pair
into an acolinear electron-muon pair .

3:28 July 9, 1996
2 photon event (with a mu-pair)

3:55 July 9, 1996
Z -> qq (with missing energy)

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You can also see 161 GeV events observed by the other LEP experiments: DELPHI, L3 and OPAL.
E. Kneringer