ALEPH events at 172 GeV

The printable postscript versions of these pictures are available in the DALI picture database.

a WW candidate

15:55 October 19, 1996
semileptonic decay of a WW pair

some of the first events

2:06 October 19, 1996
nice radiative return with the photon in the ECAL
measured photon energy: 60.8 GeV
jet energies: 67 and 35 GeV

3:23 October 19, 1996
radiative return where the photon is not detected
the missing momentum vector is indicated
for radiative returns to the Z
the photon energy is around 62 GeV
and therefore the remaining system should have
its energy around 110 GeV (cf. Efl=112.)

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E. Kneringer