The DALI picture database

The database contains more than 1000 pictures.
Not all are available through the web!
For the normal user only the directories in bold-face are of interest.

Categories (in some cases only the listing of the files is available):
sical dali high-quality cosmics
other-exp brain-test normal Higgs cand.
special ev. talks short-lived LEP 208
animation papers museum LEP 19x
LEP 130 4j LEP 161 LEP 172 LEP 183

Information on how to find the postscript file corresponding to a picture:

When clicking one a small picture you get the large one (.gif format).
Then change the file extension in the address line from .gif to .ps to get the PostScript file.
At CERN: at times one could directly browse the directories on AFS:
cd /afs/
ls -l

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