Histogram Plotting       The Control Panel

The left panel is used to input data concerning the current data file, the variables, and the histogram.

Data file

Select a data file from among the choices provided.

Variable to be plotted and cut variables

Select the variable to be plotted from among the choices given.

Select a variable on which cuts will be applied.

Enter the minimum and the maximum values for this variable. Data will be plotted only if the cut variable falls within the limits.

You may choose other variables to cut on and specify the ranges in the same way. Simultaneous cuts on more than one variable will be interpreted as a logic AND.


The number of bins for the histogram can be chosen.

The Minimum and Maximum values to be displayed must be entered.


Clicking on the Plot button displays the defined histogram on the right hand side of the screen, along with several informational fields, such as the overflow, underflow, histogram maximum, etc.

There is a choice button on the left hand side of the screen allowing the user to see the help screen, the current cuts, or the histogram on the right hand side.
A button allows the cuts to be cleared.

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